Rokkedysse Berries is a family farm dedicated to nordic berries. Owned by Lisbeth and Torben Bo Toft Christensen the Rokkedysse farm has for many years supplied top restaurants in Copenhagen and North Zealand with tasteful berries. We aim to make it a unique experience to enjoy Rokkedysse berries and we invite locals and guests to visit us. The strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries that we serve in our farmshops and café are picked early in the morning. In the farm kitchen the berries are processed into ice creams, cakes, drinks and many other berry products. Visit the farm and enjoy a freshly made berry icecream full of our own berries and handmade on the farm.

Lonely Planet Magazine (February 2018) wrote about Rokkedysse:

You can travel well through North Zealand this way, tasting the terroir as you move from farm to farm, artisan to artisan. On the way you´ll find squat brick abbeys and soaring palaces, bobbing wooden boats on windblown lakes and always, always, that rolling farmland, busy bringing something delicious to eat. Not far from Tisvilde, a holiday town beloved for the wild roses that carpet its craggy shores and the wooden bathhouses that dot its beaches, Lisbeth and Torben Bo Toft Christensen grow candy-sweet berries on their farm, Rokkedysse (Gundekildegaard). They got their first strawberry plants – all 20.000 of them – as a wedding gift years ago, and have spent the intervening time experimenting with different varieties, tinkering with their largely organic growing methods, and opening a café to showcase everything from therir nearly floral strawberry ice cream to crumbly raspberry muffins that pop with juicy fruit. “We even do berry tastings” Torben Says “so that people can learn to appreciate the size, colour and aroma of our different varieties”

Visit Rokkedysse at

  • Rokkedyssegaard: Lejrvej 45, 3500 Værløse
  • Gundekildegaard: Rågelejevej 46, 3210 Rågeleje
  • Torvehallerne Copenhagen: Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København K
  • Jordbærcaféen Rokkedysse Bær: Villingebæk Strandvej 623A, 3120 Dronningmølle.

You can contact us any time on or 31 57 07 40.

We look forward to your visit.